Monday, December 20, 2010

five more days...

so we're down to the last five days before christmas, and the one person you've neglected on your recent shopping frenzy is you. 'tis the season to give a little and get a little (for yourself). don't worry--everyone does it. there's no shame in rewarding yourself for making it through another year. while you're out there, skip past the tempting discounts on winter wear (do you really need another cardigan?) and look forward to a new year and a new season with some color and cheer. poole shop happens to have a "pre-spring" shipment in from tucker, and we're loving this new style:

wrap it up and put it under your tree or, better yet, don't wrap it and wear it tomorrow under one of those cardigans cluttering your closet. trust us, it's amazing what a little color can do to brighten your mood and get you through these last hurried days.

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