Monday, December 20, 2010

five more days...

so we're down to the last five days before christmas, and the one person you've neglected on your recent shopping frenzy is you. 'tis the season to give a little and get a little (for yourself). don't worry--everyone does it. there's no shame in rewarding yourself for making it through another year. while you're out there, skip past the tempting discounts on winter wear (do you really need another cardigan?) and look forward to a new year and a new season with some color and cheer. poole shop happens to have a "pre-spring" shipment in from tucker, and we're loving this new style:

wrap it up and put it under your tree or, better yet, don't wrap it and wear it tomorrow under one of those cardigans cluttering your closet. trust us, it's amazing what a little color can do to brighten your mood and get you through these last hurried days.

Friday, December 17, 2010

clothes comfort

she's your mom's younger (baby) sister, but she's always been a mentor to you. she's the life of the party and the one who can talk her way out of any sticky situation. her style is minimal and cool, so what should you get your aunt for christmas this year? just in at poole shop: this cute, comfortable yet stylish sweatshirt tunic (or is it a dress?) from organic. she can wear it solo with boots in the spring or layer it up this winter with leggings, a cardigan and a funky scarf. let her go wild by taking something simple and making it all her own.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

it's sunnier there...

it's always sunny in california, right? at least that's what your best friend over there tells you. in a land of lattes, smoothies and vegan desserts, you need a gift that fits the laid-back easygoing lifestyle of the left coast. once again, it's calypso to the rescue. we love this embroidered chambray tunic, which goes from sunny beach to sunset boulevard without a hitch. she can wear it over a swimsuit or her jeans or even by itself while lounging on the deck sipping afternoon cocktails.

Monday, December 13, 2010

what are the kids wearing these days?

you want to show your kid brother that you're still cool and know what's happenin' (does saying what's happenin' age you?), so you've made a pact with yourself to get his girlfriend the perfect gift this year. the only problem is, you're not sure what is the perfect gift for today's teenagers. relax. poole shop can help. check out this little number from organic:

part tee shirt, part sweatshirt, a little cropped and a lot of style (plus the organic factor!) make this the perfect little gift for your brother's gal. it says you know what's going on but you're not trying too hard to show it.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

go big or go home

she's your mom. there's no gift too great to honor the woman who's been by your side--albeit sometimes a little too close to your side--through bad breakups, even worse hair days and everything in between. this year, don't be shy about showing her how much you care with a little sparkle and shine courtesy of deux filles.

diamonds, pearls, mixed metals and leather give this jewelry line an edge: casual for every day yet sophisticated for church with enough sparkle for any nightime soiree. put it in the bottom of her stocking for a nice little surprise after she's waded through the starbucks gift card, tic-tacs and christmas-themed candies.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

work it

'twas the night before the company holiday party and all through the cubicles not a creature was stirring...

that's because everyone was too preoccupied with trying to figure out what to give the boss this year. it's the ultimate dilemma: you want to make a gesture but don't want to go over-the-top or end up picking out the same gift as all your coworkers a la clark w. griswold. keep it simple and fresh with a candle from calypso. if your boss is girl, she'll love the st. barth-inspired colors and fragrances to dress up a powder room; if your boss is a guy, then he'll just give it to his wife anyway. trust us on this one. and just like the jelly of the month club, it's the gift that keeps on giving.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

banded together

when a broken-heart "best friends" necklace seems too juvenile and a friendship bracelet too fragile, give your best girl pals this elastic band bracelet from lizzie fortunato. it has style and staying power--literally and figuratively--and is a great way to stay bonded with your buds. it's also a great gift option for your babysitter, dog walker, hairdresser or any other fabulous young thing you'd like to say "thanks" to this holiday season.